A&B Auto Parts is a Full Serve / Self Serve Yard.​

With Tons of parts in that's deeply discounted for those that

like to pull they're own parts.

We have over 10,000 parts in stock in our You Pull It Side of the Yard .​

​Please remember to check inside the office before, ( BEFORE ) entering the yard.

All parts in the you pull it side of the yard is sold as is and is self serve.

You must bring your own tools.

A&B Trucking is now offering installs on engine and transmission purchases.

Click here to learn more.

A&B Auto Parts also deliver's to Shops & Garages in the DMV.

Please Have your vin and ready before ordering.

We Deliver :



Rear Ends

Transfer Cases

A&B Trucking Used Auto Parts & 

Full Serve Salvage Yard.




All You Pull It Parts Sold are on a cash only basis & sold  as-is with no exchanges or warranties.

There is no cover charge to get into the yard. However, you must first check inside the bay before entering.

In addition, we are not staffed to check parts, pull parts, ship parts, put parts on hold or move vehicles.

Most of the time, I do try to update listings as things get sold in the description. A lot of times your questions are already answered there.

However, I don't watch for handles, Trims, Moldings, Center Caps, Door Panels, Switches, Latches, Mirrors, Climate Controls etc. .........AKA TRINKETS!

No Matter the Distance Unfortunately. It hurts me to be that way, but I can't help it, we're just not staffed.

For any other questions or concerns feel free to call us during business hours at (301)899-1210.  


Is There a Entry Fee?  

No , It's Free to get in.

Do I have to bring my own tools?

Yes we're a self serve - You Pull it Salvage Yard.

Everything here , but the drive train  is self service.


What Parts do you have off ?

Engines, Transmissions, Rear Ends & parts pertaining to the drive-train. 

Is A&B open on weekends ?

No, Week Days from 8:00AM - 4:30 PM.​

Why is everything in the you pull it side of the yard CASH ONLY?

Due to fees and other charges it's not cost effective for both the customer or us!.

However, if you spend $300 or more you can pay with a card but know that 

Maryland State Tax will be applied.

Do You put parts on hold?

No, I'm sorry

​Do you ship parts?

No Local Delivery to shops & garages only with-in a 60 mile radius.


Do you take credit card payments over the phone?

 No, I'm sorry, we no longer take credit cards over the phone.

 In fact all credit card payments must be verified with a

 State ID or Drivers License​.