A&B Trucking & Used Auto Parts.  

4764 Clifton Rd

Temple Hills, MD 20748


8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday

 (( closed weekends ))


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A You Pull It - You Pick it Yard.

A&B Trucking  has been a family owned and operated for over 23 years . Proudly serving  DC, MD & VA.

Specializing in engine and transmissions sales & service.

We Also have a self serve you pull it yard for those that like to pull their own parts. ( Drive Train Not included )

We have over 80,000 parts in stock in our YOU-PULL-IT Yard and  1200 engines and transmission pulled, tested, cleaned and ready for pickup or deliveries.

Here at A&B Auto Parts we actually care about you and through these hard times, we're here for you every step of the way.


Fixing your car one part at a time.


 I s There a Entry Fee?   No , It's Free to get in.

 Do I have to bring my own tools?   Yes we're a self serve - You Pull it     Salvage Yard.

 Everything here , but the drive train  is self service.

 We NO LONGER pull parts anymore.

 What Parts do you have off ?

 Engines, Transmissions, Rear Ends & parts pertaining to the drive-train. 

 Is A&B open on weekends ?

 Naaa , we kind of need a break .

 Why is everything in the you pull it side of the yard CASH ONLY?

 Thanks to fees and charges it's not cost effective for both the customer or us!.

 However, if you spend $300 or more you can pay with a card but know that 

 Maryland State Tax will be applied.

 Do You put parts on hold?

 No, I'm sorry

 Do you take credit card payments over the phone?

 No, I'm sorry, we no longer take credit cards over the phone.

 In fact all credit card payments must be verified with a

 State ID or Drivers Licenseand


WE Buy Junk Vehicles for Scrap


if you have a clear title, we'll buy your vehicle and pay you used scrap market value for it.

However, we don't pickup so you'd have to bring it.



What You'll Need To Scrap Your Vehicle?



We DO NOT buy parts separate

from a scrap vehicle. 


Such AS:

 - Catalytic Converters

 - Batteries

 - Rims

 - Tires 

 - Copper  & Aluminum