Engine & Transmission Sales & Installs.

Engine , Transmission  , Sales & service.


A&B Auto Parts makes its our personal duty to test all our units before going in stock.

We're a small staffed so everything we touch has to count.

This enables us to better provide  quality parts  that are ready for install.

So with that being said, A&B trucking is now offering in house installs on most engine and transmission's.

( German & European vehicles are not included ).

All our Engine  & Transmissions come with a

90-day warranty unless otherwise stated.
If we install  the labor also carries a  90 Day  warranty

as well.

Listed below is our labor price sheet

As you can see in the pricelist, we're very competitive.

We price our jobs to sell and as already mentioned, we stand behind our labor for 90 days of warranty.

So really you can't loose. One Stop Shop...

Get your Engine & Transmission from here and get it installed here.

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Top Notch Installations

All Installs are gaurenteed for 90 days warranty.
This does not includes fluids and parts.
There is a $75 a day storage fee.

To Better Serve You, Please Have a Pen, Paper & Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ready so we can better serve & give you a quote. 

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