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All Parts on the You Pull it Side of the yard are sold as is, self serve, cash only and you pull.
(Drive Train Not included).
Please be sure to check in the Office 1st Before Entering the Yard.
( Its Policy)
A&B reserves the right to change the price without notice.
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2011 Cadillac Escalade Esv for parts

The 1st Escalade was produced  in 1999.

It was Cadillacs answer to Ford Navigator, the Lexus LX and 

the ML Series.

In 2006 the General Motors introduced the GMT900 Platform to replace the GMT800

Used  in  previous years.


But at the time people were considering more fuel efficient vehicles thanks to the rise of gas prices.

Sales were slow at 1st but then later went on to exceed expectations and here we are today.


Want to know more? See it here.

This Particular Escalade had black heated & cooled seats.

6.2L engine ( Of Course)

Fully loaded Mirrors and lite damage to both front doors

2008 Gmc Yukon for parts.


In 2007, the GMC Yukon  was a redesigned large SUV

with improved horsepower, ride quality, as well as a 6spd transmission.

This particular  Yukon had a :

 - 5.3L VIN "O" engine

 - 342 GU6 Rear end.

 - Tan Leather non-heated seats


and more......

2011 Cadillac Escalade Esv for parts

2008 Gmc Yukon for parts.